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Floor joists

I am building a 60' x 40' house. I have two beams under the house. Should I stagger the joists or run a joist on top of the beams and use hangers to fasten them together.
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That is a very large house you are constructing. Surely there are framing plans for a 2400 square foot house?

I only see one beam in the photo, not the two you describe, so I presume you are putting another beam in somewhere. I don't think I understand the under the house part, are the beams in the crawl space or are you building the house on two steel beams then planning to transport it somewhere else?

As for running the joists over the beam or "use hangers to fasten them together", are you thinking of using hangers to fasten two joists together? That would be unusual framing practice. It is certainly common to use hangers to fasten the joists to the beams, and it is also common to lap the joists over the beams, but the two techniques produce radically different vertical geometries, which surely you thought through very carefully when developing the plans?


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So should I butt the joists together on the beam or should I overlap them. Which is better.
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I would put the floor joists on top of the beams , cause the beams are supporting everything , and your sill plate goes before the joist , cause the joist sit on that along with your rim board , i once seen a guy put his joist inside his basement walls and built his walls on top of the sill plates i was like WOW that is wrong the scary thing is he built another house before that
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Well, it depends on your sill plate height. You are going to bolt down your sill plate (or plates depending on your elevation height). By the way, don't forget to put sill gasket ( white or pink foam) on top of the concrete and under your sill plate!

As to the beams,

I'm going to assume that the one long beam on top of the block piers is one of the 2 beams you are referring to, and, the 2nd beam is yet to be installed on the other piers in the back round?

You should refer back to the prints or take some photos and link them here so we can see..

If it was my house I would lap the joists on top of the beam. Nail them together and toe nail them to the beam. Once done solid block between each joist for shear strength. Now if you run ducting or pipes, you don't have to drill through the beam or run elbows around the beam.. Just knock out the block and run through the empty space..

But, try to get some prints up!

Good luck, Joey
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