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altc81 04-16-2011 10:33 PM

Flood/Drainage Issue On Garage Man Door
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The problem is that the poured concrete patio is on a mild sloped grade from the backyard towards the frontyard. Ok, not uncommon, right? Well the garage is smack right in the middle of that slope and not to mention, the man door to the garage. Problem is, when it rains, pours, or just watering plants, etc it flows right to the door, into the garage. The garage floor is below grade at the door, at grade in the front... where the water flows and exits through the garage door (door for the cars).

I tried hastingly to pour a cement 'dam' if you will a few years ago... it didnt help.

I would love to fix the issue before I tear down the stucco exterior and replace with cement board planking.

I dont which route to go...
- Build up the foundation, lift the door frame header and install the new door @ 80". This would be somewhat of a safety issue because either entering or exiting you would have to lift your feet somewhat higher than you would on any other step. (Keep in mind then I just have flooded water just sitting on the outside of the door.

- Build up the foundation, leave the header where it is and install a shorter height door with frame (probably like a 70" door ouch!) Drainage still an issue.

- I would love to have the door open at grade, with a minor step maybe and resolve the flooding drainage issue. This seems like the most work. But I guess do it right?! Install a drain infront of the door to drain out in the frontyard?

Any input, suggestions, or similar issues. Please acknowledge! My wet garage makes me sad :(

*update- Rotated photos

kwikfishron 04-17-2011 08:00 AM

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Bust up the patio and re-grade.

You need at least 6” from the top of grade to the bottom of the wall plate.

Post some pictures from the outside showing the whole area.

tcleve4911 04-17-2011 08:19 AM

:(Take a concrete saw and cut a channel in front of the door.
Set a drain pipe into it and daylight the pipe so it has positive pitch.
Fill with 3/4" stone.
If you don't like the stone as a finished product, have a grate fabricated.

PS.....looks like the patio has a crack in it anyway........

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