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Slave 10-30-2005 09:35 AM

Flashing problems
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This is the second time I have tried to complete this. Alot of time lost.
Its a novabrik installation , and for some godforsaken reason, novabrik decided to make the wainscot brick row (top most flashing row) flat on top. So my aluminum flashing must extend over 3" to meet the sloped rain run off area. creating a hollow spot under the weak flashing.

No biggie. I decided to glue on slate 4x4 tile to cover, protect and beautify the aluminum. Except today when it got up to 70 degrees or more in the sun, the aluminum expanded with the heat and lifted off this slope since to top was nailed solid to the wall sheathing when it was cool. Im sure it would also lift the tile I was going to glue on top. I cant even imagine what it would look like at 95 degrees in the summer

How do I flash this darn novabrik with a good looking system which can take a Iowa hail hit or two. I would still like to use the gray slate tile. But how do I keep my flashing from distorting from winter to summer temps? Different material? shorter pieces? Slotted holes so pieces may float? Maybe NO flashing and double up the slate tile to cover the seams of the first course?


jproffer 10-30-2005 09:39 PM

Look on your contractor talk thread, if you haven't already. It's locked due to incorrect forum usage, but it's still viewable.

Slave 10-31-2005 07:40 AM


I read that but not sure if the wood filler would work since the flat tops of the waincot bricks are not all one level even though the sloped area's are. And I cant nail a wood filler down into brick. I thought about using grout to fill this area. But never thought about tar. So the tar would prevent the flashing from expanding and pulling up?


FireballBrick 11-16-2005 03:56 PM

Hey Mike,
Have you thought about using two pieces of flashing? I know that when we flash chimneys, etc, we use a counter flash, and a base flash so that when everything is moving around our flashing can slide over itself and still be waterproof. I hope this made sense.....

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