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twd1 01-31-2012 09:02 PM

fixing previously botched finish plaster over scratch coat
Evening all, thnks for your time & expertice.
Plastered house, 1948, built by father in law, was very skilled & adept.
No upkeep from family till too late.
Purchased & am fixing.
Roof leaked & moisture damage caused some of the finish plaster to separate from the scratch coat (still well bonded to the 2x8 panels).
Was "repaired" with regular easy sand spackle.
Bathroom, removed wall paper, found fixes from water damage. Crap spackle will soften to clay with spray bottle. Don't believe I can remove it well enough to adhere plaster to scratch coat even with bonder.

What can be used to solidify the spackle? So I can Skim coat it.
Water soluable Polyurethane? Shellac may not be good in a bathroom.
How does the PVA bonders stick to it?
Scratch coat is good & solid.
Please any ideas.

joecaption 01-31-2012 09:13 PM

Did you not say for some reason you were spraying water on it trying to remove it. Just stop spaying and let it dry.
If your trying to seal water stains on old plaster I would use an oil based primer then go over it with latex paint.

twd1 01-31-2012 09:29 PM

more info
Spray wall paper remover was used.
Existing fix was spackle in corner.
The rest of the non bonded finish coat was ignored.
I removed loose finish coat. Now I need to skim with finish coat.
Looking to seal spackle so that finish coat will bond.
anyone run into bathroom fixes that hold up? concerned on humidity.
will be installing an inline exhaust to the room
thanks all

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