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jamesRB 08-08-2010 09:46 PM

fixing few leaks in concrete pad over cellar
We have a 25 year old house in Southern Ontario
Have a 5*7 foot pad over a poured concrete cellar. Get water leaking in the vent hole and occaisionally around the edges.

Several questions.
1. The vent hole just seems to be a 1.5" or so hole on a straight line to the surface near the side of the pad. Comes out in the garden side of the entrance way. Have excavated to make the runnoff flow away. Have put a home made rain resistance, cap to still let some air in.
Is it necessary to have the air hole? Not sure if it is needed to cool it (in winter, or to deal with moisture) As it stands just seems to let the moisture in during a heavy rain.

If no, I will just fill this with hydrolic cement and biggest issue will be done.

If it is needed, would love to know how to vent for air, without any water getting in. There must be a product or design trick for this.

2. Have tried to deal with leaks on the edges by caulking, but it does not seem to help much. How can I protect 12 feet (7+5 feet) of edging where the pad meets the side of the house? Crack is 5 feet of poured concrete to brick, and 7 feet of poured concrete to the poured concrete length beneath the door. I think it originally was all part of one concrete pour, but crack has developed as it has settled differently over 25 years.

3. While I am finding a way to seal the cracks, would also like to improve the top of the slab. Is stained, so will pressure wash it. Is pocked from putting on salt in winter used to remove ice. If there was some kind of surface I could put on that would be strong enough to deal with snow/ice removal, and could waterproof, and fill in a few 1/2" deep pock marks that would be ideal.

Finally the slab is held up by plywood immediately under the concrete with 2*4's every 12" or so supporting it. I suspect this was used only for the original pour and is not structural. Not sure how to confirm this, and if wood was removed, not sure if this provides any other options for fixing from the inside, but it sure would simplify seeing where the water problem is.

Thougths / questions welcome. Someone must have seen these issues before and I am tired of guessing.

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