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ctvader 10-13-2012 06:33 AM

Fix shed foundation
Hey all. I have a question on a shed foundation that I need help on. 8x12 shed on sloping ground about 15-18" drop, front to back. The front (12 foot side) is sitting on 3 4x8x16 blocks and the back (12 foot side) is on 3 4x4 posts on pre-cast blocks (dek-blok). All flooring is 2x8 framing, with the 12 foot sides doubled. My question is how could I pour concrete footers on the back side to aid in stabilization/strength? This is an existing shed and tear down/move is not possible. My plan was to dig 3 42" holes along the back side (one at a time), fill with concrete, attached a post base and then place a 6x6 under the back side of the shed. Will this work? The shed hasnt moved, settled and is still square but I want to make sure it doesnt move, settle or go out of square. Thank you.

hand drive 10-13-2012 08:07 AM

temporary support bracing underneath of the structure to hold up its weight while you do the work to pour the new footings. Take all of the support bracing down when you have the footings poured and can put the weight down onto them...

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