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fixhouse 02-09-2012 04:34 PM

fix sag around staircase
Hello...i have a 1 story staircase with no direct support underneath in the basement and my floor/joists have sagged 1" around the staircase. The house is 2 stories and the stairs connect levels 1 & 2. I plan to correct the sag using jack or lally columns in the basement. On one end of the staircase there is a transition from joists layed in one direction to another. At this transition there are three 2 x 8 joists stacked together under the end of the staircase with the joists running perpendicular to the run of the staircase. I am planning on jacking these stacked joists under the center of the end of staircase with one post.

On the other end of the staircase (and for pretty much the whole section under the stairs) the joists run parallel with the run of the staircase. these joists span 13' with the staircase sitting on about 8 or 9' of the span. where the joists run parallel the staircase sits over three separate/single joists so my plan is to jack all three joists near the other end of the staircase using a 36" wide beam across the bottoms of the three joists.

My question is do i need to use two posts to support this beam (one on each end) or can i use one post in the center of the beam (under the center joist)? I plan to build piers for the postd to sit on. An additional question is do you see any flaws in my plan?


titanoman 02-09-2012 06:10 PM


titanoman 02-09-2012 06:13 PM

You lost me, but you always want a post on both ends of a beam, not one in the middle, as that would cause a teetering effect.
Something wasn't done right for the stairs and the floor to be sagging an inch.
A drawing would help a lot.

coupe 02-09-2012 06:16 PM

I personally, see any plan with a single post under any beam as flawed. why not square the beam with the stairs and build a small closet under them? a single post is for a teeter totter or see saw for kids? not for anything to hold up your stairs and floor joists! it sounds like your home was framed properly? though I'd rather see the stairs framed right off the center beam.
I wouldn't recommend a single post in center of ant beam

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