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imported_fburke 12-25-2004 09:39 PM

Fishtank Shelving
Quick question… I just got a 55 gallon aquarium for Christmas that I want to put on a built in shelf in my living room

. How can I rebuild this shelf to support the 500 + lbs safely?

The space is between a chimney and out side wall. It measures 63 inches wide 24 ½ inches deep. With walls on 3 sides and the open front.

Right now it’s a ¾ inch piece of plywood supported but 1X2’s it was only made to hold a small TV or stereo

I figure I have to redo the whole shelf I just want to make it safe for the weight.


MgMopar 03-11-2005 05:10 AM

Hi fburke

I would use 2x4 framing with the 2x4's portioned on their edge. For the Planking I would use either a exterior grade plywood or painted interior plywood. You can attach to the walls on the back and the side (be sure to find and attach to the studs) the masonry side can use a leg or brace to the floor, or quality anchors could be used My fist recommendation is to go to the floor on that side

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