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Firming up the floors..?

Moved in to my wifes' house. It is a fairly recent construction but in my opinion cheap. I was in construction for a lot of years but you'll have to forgive that I simply do not remember the names for everything as I've done with a stroke and renal failure [[good now but some memories are foggy if that makes sense]] but you can use the proper terminology and I will understand it.

So one thing about the house I noted and plan on resolving are the floors. They bow or bounce-walk thru any room and you cn here the knicknacks tinkling on the shelves or watch the waves form o the surface of one of the aquariums. Think cats are quiet? Not here-sound like buffalo tromping down the hallway.

We have discussed putting tile in the kitchen and laundry among many other DIY things on the list but I have a feeling the floor won't take the weight.

There is four feet of space underthe house between the ground and the subfloor, cross members, joists and whatever all the underfloor 'guts' are covered in insulation.

I am thinking of going the route of placing more floor supports, maybe 4x6" crosspieces support by 4x4" posts set on slabs.

What I am trying to avoid is the cost of steel beams and having a crew come out to properly support the whole frelling house-economcally wise I do not see the house itself being worth that type of expense as it won't increase the sale value in the least due to the type of neihborhood-new, single family starter homes built quick and cheap-so adding too much to the cost of the house would not return anything if we decided to go do our log cabin in the mountains we talk of.



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A#1 in my book is to cut the span, which I gather is what you were referring to. Half the span, 8x the load, and the spring should drop noticeably. Next, run steel straps from one end of the joists to the other. They start at the top of one end, go diagonally to the bottom in the center, cross over, then diagonally up the other side to the other end, at the top again. At least the cat won't rattle things then. good luck. j


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A wooden drop girder would take care of the bounce.
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Originally Posted by jiju1943 View Post
A wooden drop girder would take care of the bounce.
Had not even thought about that. Thanks. Not quite as bad as but I always feel like I'm walking across a trampoline or the whole house is gonna fold in on me like a box if I step on some pivotal point.
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