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kelr 04-22-2005 04:12 PM

finishing garage
I have just had a new 24 x 40 unattached garage built, I am now ready to do a couple of things that I need a little info on. First qusetion is what type or kind of insulation should I use on the walls, I am going to heat this structure just enough to keep things from freezing. I am located in southern Indiana. second question is gutters I am looking at alumminum and vinyl any opion on either. third is what to put on the walls dry waLL, Ply wood , osb ? I really don,t know.
Thanks for the help.

housedocs 04-25-2005 07:39 AM

Probably the most economical way to go is with faced batts for insulation, this insulates and provides your moisture barrier as well.

My suggestion for the gutters is to go with a seamlees operation, here in my area if it can be reached from an 8' step ladder they run them on site to custom fit & hang for about $3-$4 a running ft, materials & labor.

As far as the walls go, sheetrock is probably the cheapest way to go, but OSB, 7/16" is what alot of guys go with in my area, very durable and resistant to dings. A coat of white primer will really brighten it up alot.


Teetorbilt 04-25-2005 08:08 PM

If you are planning on mounting a lot of stuff (tool holders, shelving, bicycle racks,....) at least 5/8 ply would be my choice.

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