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RockingM82 03-28-2012 02:49 PM

Finishing an exterior wall that extends beyond the wall above.
I'll try my best to describe this dilemma. I am finishing an area under a previously added addition. Because the addition is supported by posts, I can not pour a stem wall directly below the addition's exterior wall and maintain a continuous above grade wall. My solution, after consultation with a contractor, is to pour a footing and stem wall that extends 6" above grade that is just outside of the existing perimeter. The stud wall will have to be tied into the above framing. Non of this is an issue. The issue is with how I finish this because the lower non-load bearing wall will sit six inches beyond the upper wall. The house is vinyl siding. Do siding manufacturers make a z channel any larger than 6". Any other ideas?

sixeightten 03-28-2012 03:21 PM

A picture would be helpful. Can you build a small roof across that to create a separation?
This will turn an eyesore into a nice feature.

Duckweather 03-28-2012 04:49 PM

Is there a siding and roofing company in your area? If so they might be able or willing to bend something for you. The ones near me have a brake and coil stock to use for a small fee plus materials. Make a cardboard pattern, or a cross section drawing for a pattern. there may even be a color that looks good, or you can paint it yourself to match.

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