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chuckofaltrades 10-27-2009 09:02 PM

finishing basement need help
ive been working on my basement in the works for a finshed one.the walls have multi layers of paint with mold in spots.i know i can bleach the mold but i need a planning on putting up 6mil vapor barrier then 2x4 studed walls and unfaced instalation and i have made my own water control system(pipe along footing to a sump pump)there will be a 5/8 gap along whole peremiter floor of basement so the studed walls would most likely be 5/8 from the basement wall.i dont want to put up these walls and have mold going behind there something i can coat the walls with right over the paint?

Bob Mariani 10-28-2009 05:54 AM

Not really. A basement wall must be constructed to allow any water within the wall to dry out. A vapor barrier on the studs and another under the drywall will assure you of mold. This is the biggest no-no. NEVER use a double vapor barrier. In fact unless you live in Canada you should not be using the plastic barrier at all. this was done for years and is now found to be the leading cause of mold in basements. go to to learn more on controlling moisture in a basement wall.

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