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droyer 01-13-2010 03:55 PM

Finishing basement - concrete walls options
Hi all!

We recently bought a house in Vancouver, Canada. We're about to finish the basement and have some options when it comes to the concrete walls. The house is quite new (2007).

The basement is basically surrounded of 3 concrete walls. We have the options to either frame/drywall them, or simply spray them. Spraying looks to be a cheaper options, but even though framing is more expensive, it looks to have some pros to it.

We also plan to have electrical outlets along the walls.


- Will the house value gain more if we frame vs spray it?
- Can we install electrical outlets directly in the concrete? I heard it's against the current electrical code. Anyone knows if it's true?
- Isolation: the climate is quite tempered in Vancouver. Humidity-wise, would it be recommended to frame instead of simply spray?
- If we want on hang stuff on the walls, simple common sense tells me drywall would be better. But is it wasy to just hook nails in concrete to hang let's say a flat screen?

Any pros/cons of framing vs spraying would be appreciated.

Thanks in advance all, really need your help here!


Wildie 01-13-2010 06:27 PM

Hi David, I'm just getting started to do my basement!
I'm going to use R12 insulation that comes in a roll and has the 6 mil vapour barrier bonded to the insulation.
Each roll is 4' X50' long. The top has a vapour barrier skirt that is cut to fit up into the joist cavity, above the foundation plate. At the bottom, is a metal strap, running full length along the bottom.
Its installed by stapling the top of the insulation to the sill plate and the bottom is held in place using tapcon screws, screwed into the concrete.
Once the insulation is in place, I'll frame up a wall using 2X3 studs and plates over the insulation.
The advantage of using wood studs is that its easy to mount electrical boxes , run the cable and install the drywall.
Shelving can be mounted onto the studs also, and its easier to finish around the windows and baseboards!
The roll that I bought (200 sq/ft) cost $125 CDN, including taxes.

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