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Shiseiji 08-19-2012 12:25 PM

Finding stud bay with plywood over the top plate
I haven't been able to think of query terms that cover this, so please pardon my ignorance.
30 YO ranch, basic rectangle. ~8" of cellulose insulation. I'm want to drill into a non-structural stud bay to drop a coax cable.

The top plate appears to be covered with 1/2" plywood :huh: so I'm scared of missing the center line and drilling into the ceiling. Murphy is my earned middle name. I got two Greenlee extension sets to attack it from the bottom and promptly bound up the 3/4" auger bit so that was a no-go. Had to use a 10" 1/4" box end wrench to give me something to bang it loose. I tried drilling by hand with a ratchet, but the bit bound again.

So as always, TIA for any suggestions.
Dig around the cellulose and measure to drill from top?
Spade bit from bottom?


Shiseiji 08-19-2012 02:27 PM

Blinding Flash(s) of the Obvious (BFO) :wallbash::
Plywood is support for flex duct work. Should have listened to myself when I though it was strange they were above the bottom of the wye rafters.
Wall is 2X6 for the duct work and in the middle of the two ducts. Ducts? Wall? :blush: :icon_rolleyes: We need a hitting self with hammer emote.

Lesson for the day: When the tub caulk job already frustrated you (gee, ops, we cut both these surround corners 3/4" too short, we'll just caulk it up, who'll ever know?), put things away for the weekend.

It'll be funny in two years. :jester:


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