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Fiberglass pools:

I am curious if any of you DIY'ers have a fiberglass pool (swimming pool) and how do you like it...pros and cons, would you do it again? As you guys can see, I am a general contractor, and I usually post replys here, but this is something I want to know since I am in the planning stages for my hew home and an indoor pool is in the works...and I am the unltimate DIY person, I will buy the shell, if I go fiberglass, and install myself...so now I want opinions on the shells. My buddies on CT say they do not like them.

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Fiberglass pools:

i dont know where you are located but im in key west fl and down here we have ground water about three to four feet down no matter where you dig so the problem there is once you fill the fiberglass shell you can never drain it because it will pop out of the ground. They do not wiegh enough to stay, also they take a lot more maintanece then a regular concrete pool as far as chemicals go, and they are more prone to stains then concrete. Some thing to think about is to find out how much value it will accually add to your house because as you know they are not cheap. Most of the people i do service for only use there pools for the first year or so and then when they have parties. So what i think is maybe you should try a aboveground first and then see how much work and cost it is before you do something permanent. Remember up north you have pool seasons of opening and closing. I hope this helps you. Reply if you want to know anything else.

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Fiberglass pools:

I have had vinyl liner pools and currently have a fiberglass. I prefer the fiberglass hands down. We compared cost between the two when our last pool was installed and the lower install cost offset the fiberglass making it about the same price.

The chemical use and overall maint. seems to be a lot less on the fiberglass since the walls are slicker. No liner replacement down the road to worry about.

Yes you dont want to drain it in a high water table area but why would you need to? The company that did mine has put them in at sea level with well points to hold the water back til it was filled and no problems.

Most hotels use the fiberglass..

Get the fiberglass and the salt system versus chlorine.
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Fiberglass pools:

Originally Posted by Sammy View Post

Get the fiberglass and the salt system versus chlorine.
I do not have fiberglass, but went with vinyl liner instead, because when I started to investigate the fiberglass option, there seemed to be lots of dissatisfation with surface cracking of the gel coat.

I have not had to replace the liner yet, so I can't comment on that cost, but I use Pristine Blue, which is a copper based algaecide, because it is not as harsh on the liner as chlorine. It is more expensive, but is very easy to work with.

As for the new salt system craze, do more research than the sales pitch.
Not that they don't work, but they are not the panacea to pool maintenance that they are being sold as. And when looking at the much touted cheaper costs, get the truth about the life of the chlorine generator unit. It is my understanding that they have about a 7 year life, and are between a $700 to $1000 item to replace.

As for the floating issue, any in ground pool, whether plaster, fiberglass or vinyl, should have a bottom drain as part of the recirculation system, thus allowing it's drain plug to be opened up to equalize hydrostatic pressure.

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Fiberglass pools:

Salt systems are not new nor are they the best way to take care of every pool sanitizing need. Yes, the cell life is around seven years depending on run time and do run 700-1K to replace.

But breaking down even the 1K higher cell cost across seven years is only 143 bucks per year. Thats only a bucket and a half of chlorine tabs in my area which is a normal one season usage.

Its just my opinion that the salt system is easier for the average homeowner to take care of and is less hassle over the long run.

Had the salt system before but running on chlorine hockey pucks now and looking at changing,.
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Fiberglass pools:

I have a fiberglass indoor pool that I HATE to hard to keep up and what a waste of space. if you don't use it every day why have it? I talked to a contractor today about filling it in with gravel and building a floor over it so I can use the roomas a family room.
I don't see why anyone would have an indoor pool. I will install a jacuzzi and a sauna instead.

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