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danf26 09-08-2011 05:52 PM

Fastening ends of porch decking w/out compromising flashing
Hi all,
I am building a small cabin, but the walls wont be raised until next season. Right now the subfloor is on, and there is a small step down to a porch. I put flashing here, to prevent runoff water from soaking and possibly rotting either the porch joists, or, worse, the cabin joists. I flashed this basically the same as one would flash the ledger in a standard porch addition. However, after putting down the boards that are the porch floor, I realized I dont know where to secure them at the end, because if I screwed them to the joist directly under them at their ends, I would be screwing thru the aluminum flashing. How can I secure these down at this end while still preventing any possible water damage? Pictures can be seen at:

Thanks so much,

kwikfishron 09-08-2011 06:58 PM

Add a nailer to the ledger and attach to that.

That said…..if you’re going to leave this sit like that until next spring (bad idea by the way) then this is the Zip Panel experiment I’ve been waiting for.:clap:

PLEASE do post back next year with the condition of the Zip. :thumbsup:

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