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ralphfravel 10-15-2009 02:56 PM

Fasteners for Squeaky Floors
My 30-year old split-level home has upper level floors made of two 3/4" plywood layers laid down on 2x4 constructed joists 24" on center. I suspect that no adhesive was used between the joist and first flooring layer. In the last year, we added two parallel steel beams in the basement to stiffen and level the 24' span so that we can install engineered hardwood flooring that has been 'acclimating' in the house for over a year, much to the growing discontentment of my wife.

However, the floor still has a lot of squeaks which I want to eliminate before putting down the engineered wood. I'm prepared to use as many screws or nails as needed once the existing carpet is removed. Initially, I considered using 3" screws along the length of the joist. Then I wondered if 1 1/2" screws in the areas between joists would be of value. I recently read that spiral shaft and ring shank nails have excellent long-term holding power. I would appreciate advice that anyone can offer about the type of fasteners to use, pattern of application, etc. I cannot access the joists from the basement . Thanks in advance for answers.

Gary in WA 10-16-2009 03:02 PM

The glue is what stiffens two deck layers and stops squeaks... That said, I had good results with the spiral shank nails - 2-3/8" long for the nailgun. I framed new houses for 10 years with them and only two call-backs.This was with one layer of 3/4" sub-floor decking, not two. And you have to hit the joists to do any good. But screws do a superb job yet are expensive. They would be better for the field application. The ring shank from a nail gun tend the blast the material from the sides of their hole when going in, is the main reason I don't use them. The spiral shank (2-3/8") turn 1-1/2 times going in and coming out.A longer nail for the application on the joist and screws in the field would be my choice.

Be safe, Gary

ralphfravel 10-18-2009 05:53 PM

Thanks GBR for your input. I appreciate you taking the time to respond and have come to value your input on many other posts as well as my own.

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