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Fireguy911 04-26-2013 07:05 AM

Exterior wall insulation in a tropical climate??
I'm new to this forum, thank you for taking the time to give your thoughts on my question. I live in the central Florida area in a mid 1970's cinder block home. I have had recent health issues that have caused me to have to retire out of my job as a firefighter for the city of Orlando after 10 years. It turns out the cause of my health problems is possibly linked to toxic mold that was found in my house. Black mold was found growing on the backside of all the baseboards inside our home. Full remediation has been done at this point. When our house was built the interior walls on the perimeter of the house consisted of drywall then plastic vapor barrier over a thin layer of non-faced insulation and furring strips, then the cinder block.

I had a home engineer come to the house yesterday and he said that plastic vapor barriers are not usually used in Florida due to the tropical climate and mild winters. He thinks that due to the humid heat outside and the a/c running that the plastic vapor barrier is causing condensation that is running down to the base boards. Every one of my family members that owns a home in this same area have no vapor barriers over there cinder block walls.

Due to the mold the bottom 4 feet of drywall has been removed on all exterior walls and I am in the process of removing the old insulation and plastic vapor barrier.

My question is what would be a good insulator to put in between the drywall and cider block that will not act as a continuous barrier like the plastic so I don't end of with condensation and more mold.

I was looking at different types of foam board insulation which would fit perfectly in the 3/4 inch space between the drywall and block. I realize up north vapor barriers are a must but from what I'm being told down here in Florida it can cause problems like my house.

Is there anyone on this forum that knows construction in tropical climates?

Thank you so much for any help. My health is counting on it.

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