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Dutchman80 08-06-2010 02:13 PM

Exterior Wall Insulation
Hey Everyone. First thanks for all the help with my bathroom remodel. You all were very helpful and the bath looks amazing!!

So I am back for round too and this time it is for my wall insulation on all of my exterior walls. The plan is to, over the next couple/three years, to replace all of my single pane windows with some nice double pane, double hung Andersens and also to replace the siding (not sure which yet though with the siding). However, before I truly get to that, simply becuase of price, I was wondering what the best way to insulate my exterior walls would be??

I have a 1950 story and a half style home in Minneapolis MN. I have not taken a wall down to see what is even currently there, but after living in the home last winter, I would venture a guess of not much to nothing at all. It was extremely cold last winter, thus my new post. I also can hear a lot of the exterior noises, which also leads me to believe that there isn't a lot there.

I would like to avoid removing all of the interior walls because they are all nicely finished plaster walls. The siding is cedar shake that will need to be replaced at some point (within 5 years), but don't have the funds currently to do so.

So, are there any efficient ways of insulating my home without tearing off the siding or interior walls?? I have heard of blown in insulation where they drill a hole at the top and bottom between each stud, but don't really know much about it.

Any guidance as to where I should begin would be wonderful. Also, is this something that I should be doing or should I just hire it out to a company? If it should be hired out, what should I expect to pay someone to complete this?

Thanks in advance for all the help.

Gary in WA 08-06-2010 09:28 PM

No vapor barrier required:

Be safe, Gary

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