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JustADoc 08-06-2011 09:46 PM

Exterior PVC Drainage - Help me brainstorm what to do at the exit point.
I've installed a PVC pipe that serves to drain our exterior patio. The water naturally drains to one corner of the concrete slab, has an exit point in the retaining wall, and will go down a small concrete channel into a PVC drainage system.

The PVC drainage system is 38' long and drops about 2-2.5" and lays in a roadside drainage ditch. The ditch is not a concrete storm drain - it's literally a 8 inch depression in an otherwise grassy yard.

I'm trying to decide how to terminate the pipe at the ditch and do so in order to allow unrestricted exit flow and keep it from sinking into the mud of the ditch over time.

Pop-up isn't really an option because of the slight slope. The pipe would nearly have to backup in order to get up to the level needed to flow out the pop-up. We just installed the pipe today and currently have a 45 degree elbow on it and a drain hole cover. I'm not sold on this solution over time.

I've considered pouring a small concrete slab under the pipe and troweling out a small channel for the water to flow down toward the ditch in order to avoid erosion. I've also considered just buying a downspout drainage block to sit it on.

Any other thoughts or ideas I may not be considering? I've went through all the NDS fittings and see no better option.

havalife 08-06-2011 09:51 PM

A concrete spillway with walls would be a nice way to finish it, be sure to keep a grate on the end of the pipe (not glued) this will help keep rodents out of the pipe.

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