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codey1961 10-25-2010 10:12 AM

Exterior Load Bearing Wall French Door Installation
I have discovered that the header for two french doors on an exterior load bearing wall were not installed properly. Doors have to come out, and headers rebuilt. Some water damage occuring, but existing exterior studs/framing for door is still viable. I'm told haudralic jacks are required for support, but it seems that building a temporary support wall should work. Three story townhouse, repair work is needed on third and second floors. How far INSIDE of the exterior wall can I place temporary studs to give required support while working? And do I have to do that all the way down to ground level (i.e. to do work on third floor french door, should I have temporary load bearing walls directly underneath each other on first floor and ground floor?)? Six inches inside existing wall won't give enough room to do repair work (from inside). Think I need atleast a foot, but I'm guessing. Will hire the work done, but want to know who to go with. Don't want to get ripped off again, but also don't want to cause structural damage.

Thank you.

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