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n0chance 04-16-2012 07:30 PM

Exterior foundation and veneer cracks - fill it in?
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I recently bought a new home and there are some exterior cracks that were noted. I was hoping to find some advice on what to do. I don't have any leaks but some of the cracks are ugly to look at, and it annoys me when I see ants traveling along those cracks.

1) Fill in those cracks using concrete caulk tubes (although after some research, I feel like that doesn't last very long and is very temporary).

2) Do a crack injection (but since there is no water leaks, is this overkill?)

3) Have a more skilled inspector look into this (mason?)

4) Do nothing?

Here are some of the different types of cracks I've taken photos of:

A) This is the foundation to an attached garage (no insulation)


Inspector says: Vertical cracks observed. This is an indication that previous settlement/movement has occurred at this location. Inspector is unable to determine when settlement/movement occurred or if additional settlement/movement is likely. Recommend monitoring for future movement.
B) This is a crack on the front porch area

C) This is a crack where the porch meets the veneer wall on the front of the house:

D) This is a small crack that runs along the chimney on the side of the house

E) This is a small hairline crack on the side of the house I can probably ignore

DIY advice appreciated. Thanks!

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