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OR DIY guy 05-23-2012 02:07 PM

Extending deck & Pressure treated joist life
extending deck: I have an existing deck that is 24' x 11.5' that i'm extending the width to 18' (or 6.5' extension). I'm also pulling up decking and replacing with Trex deck. I currently have a ledger board against the house and a beam at 10' out supporting the current deck with Joists on 16' OC. To extend I've put another beam 6' out. Question what is the best way to put joists in to achieve the extension? This will not be cantilever. Do i need to run new 18' joists or can i overlap new with old joists and run from the first beam to the new second beam?

Daniel Holzman 05-23-2012 04:08 PM

In order to answer the questions about the condition of the joists, you need to post quality photos. Otherwise there is NO POSSIBLE WAY for someone on the internet to evaluate the condition of your framing. If you are looking for a consult on the best way to frame your deck, you really should be talking to the local building inspector, as they have a lot to say about allowable means and methods, what code to use etc.

Duckweather 05-23-2012 08:59 PM

I would not recommend using used lumber at all, but I worked in Lawrence Mass for a rental company and they wanted anything taken apart reused. I found that, (before PT), reused lumber that had been painted, had outlasted new lumber that was used with it. However joists that had a strip of 30 pound felt on top between joists and decking, had rotted faster than new lumber without. Not one instance, but many. If you don't want to use PT, I would spray the old with bleach, and put a coat of paint on it. Over a hundred years of real time, trumps all the calculations without that experience in my book. It is your call to do what you can accept, as long as the inspector says it is safe.,

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