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vitrl 10-12-2006 10:40 AM

Expanding a room
Hi all, I am very new to this and was wondering what needs to be considered when expanding a bedroom? I have a bedroom that I would like to knock out a wall that is attached to the florida room and then rebuild the wall out a little further. Anyone know about this?

troubleseeker 10-13-2006 10:27 PM

The prime consideration for moving any wall is whether or not it is " load bearing" . If you can access an attic above,, you can see if the ceiling joists span over this wall , end on this wall, or splice on this wall. To remove this wall for the last two, you are going to have to get a support beam somewhere. If the joists span over this wall as a single long piece, the main consideration is will the be large enough for the length of the new open span created by removing the wall in question. A call to the building inspector or a reference to readily available span tables will give the size required for your new span. Unless they happen to be maxed out already, you can usually add several feet and be ok.

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