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I decided to build a shed/workshop in my backyard. I'm guessing a 10'x15' would do. Havent decided on the foundation yet, maybe sonotubes? Wood framed floor, walls, roof, french door entrance and 2 windows. Any idea of the costs? All work would be completed by myself.

Jeeez........Jeekinz, read what you have posted above, and then let us know what you really expected out of this question. You have access to a great bunch of qualified folks on this DIY forum. We are building contractors, to the best of my knowledge not one of us work for freaking CSI.....

Congratulations, you have all the ingredients of a real, floor, roof, walls, a door and windows. Stick that in the yard and yup, I'd call it a shed. And the best part, you even found a new word.......sonotube... The only real info I gained from this was that you're going to build it yourself.....send lots of photos please...

Yeah, I'm being flippant but man, if you want good advise then at least give us a detailed description of ALL materials you might use, environment and requirements. E.G. I built my 10' x 12' shed to code, from the floor down cost me $568.00 just to conform and I hadn't even started the good part.

Kingfisher gives you excellent advise, buy a quality kit, take a day and a half to put it together and I'll bet you save money on building one from scratch.


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Also remember you will be buying materials that since you will be building only one item will have left overs, so that will raise the cost. Most of us use the left overs on the next job(s) so we really only have to think about the square foot costs.
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Thanks kelly_b, that's what I was aiming for. Nate, yes, when I finished my basement I ordered the materials list from the lumber yard. I always shop there if it doesn't fit on 1 cart in a big box. Maybe after a few beers I'll understand some of the other posts.
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Speaking of which, don't forget to include beer.


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