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eric559 07-06-2010 02:39 PM

enclosing garage, non-load bearing stucco wall - do I need to cut slab & dig footing?
I am enclosing a carport with a 4" existing slab -- the new walls will be stucco so they will have some weight but they will not be supporting the roof, so, my question is:

can I clean the concrete, slop on some adhesive, and pour a stem wall on top of the existing slab and frame up from there (which would be my easy road...)

Or, do I need to cut the existing slab, dig out a footing, and pour a stem wall around the old slab?

Please no guesses, I already guessed enough of my own... will the 'pour over the old slab' method be enough to handle the weight of the new wall and keep rain from seeping through?


Daniel Holzman 07-06-2010 05:19 PM

What do you mean no guesses? No one here has seen your property, you include no photos, you include no description of the soil beneath your carport, you include no information regarding your location, so we don't know the loads your structure is subjected to, and you include no information about code requirements in your area, if there are any, and whether you plan to comply with code and pull a permit. Yet you don't want guesses? Do you think the folks on this site have a direct conduit to God, and via revealed truth can possibly know anything more about your project than you tell us? Anyone who responds to your post by definition is guessing, short of requesting a list of additional information that would be essential to offering an informed opinion.

eric559 07-06-2010 06:54 PM

sorry, guess the 'no guesses' offended... what i mean is, based on the fact that the 4" foundation is only supporting a stucco wall, no roof since it is already standing as a carport, will a footing on top of that slab -- if joined with the appropriate concrete adhesive -- prevent water pentration and support the wall? it already can support a vehicle, good means of comparison for the wall... the soil is compact and there is no freezing here. all the other variables are listed -- 4" slab, stucco wall... not sure about the size of the stem wall, 6" wide and 6"tall? suggestions?... already have the permit and it doesn't call for any footing, just loooking to keep it from being a problem in the future. what i was trying to avoid by saying 'no guessing' is having people who have no expertise in this field just throwing out an arbitrary 'that should work' response followed by soneone elses 'I wouldn't do it like that'... I have never tried to seal a concrete union with adhesive and see if it still gets seepage through it... hoping to have found someone who has... again, thanks for any input.

BigJim 07-07-2010 01:41 AM

Eric, my guess is that the slab is a monolithic slab meaning a thick edge slab. The wall will not put enough weight on the concrete to cause any concern, like you said, you park your car on it. Most carport slabs are poured with higher strength concrete than the house slab also.

To seal the water out be sure to allow the siding to overlap the concrete slab, but not to the point it touches the ground. The siding needs to stay off the ground as it will wick moisture upward from the ground. Most carport slabs are sloped to allow water to run off so you may want to check that out and allow for the fall when planning for the floor.

In saying all this, the inspector may have other ideas, as building codes are different in different areas of the country. In the areas I have built over the years this would be OK and pass inspection but trying to second guess a building inspector is anyone's guess.


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