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hrbuchanan 07-06-2011 09:51 AM

Easy paint fix... best way to do it??
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I'm not a handy-man, by any means. I'm a computer tech who barely needs to touch a hammer or paintbrush, ever.

Having said that, I moved into an apmt last week, am on a year-long lease, and already something hit this cabinet, and the paint looks horrid. If I don't fix it myself, I'm gonna get charged up the wazoo on my security deposit; not to mention it makes my bathroom look bad!

What's the best way to go about making it look good as new? It doesn't need to look perfect, just like it did when I moved in.

user1007 07-06-2011 10:00 AM

Well. You are going to have to scrape the paint that is coming off loose. As you remove it, try to save a good size chunk you can take to a real paint store for scanner color match.

Once you have all the paint scraped off, sand/degloss and prime the surface (it looks like someone skipped this step which is one reason your paint fractured and is coming off so easily) and then patch with drywall compound so the surface level of the paint and patch are even. You can wet sand the drywall compound with a sponge.

Prime the drywall patch.

Apply a coat of finish over the patch with a quality brush and see how close the paint you had mixed from the scanner comes to the rest of the door. Apply a second coat and "feather/blend" it in to rest of the paint.

If the paint is obviously off, switch to a roller and apply a second coat to the entire surface.

You will not need much material for the repair. Unfortunately, you will have to purchase at least a quart of paint as that is the smallest size you can get tinted. You could cheat and use a spray can of primer but it is not what I would use. You can get a small tub of drywall compound.

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