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Atskodinski 01-19-2011 10:03 PM

Drywall over foamboard rim joist insulation
Have a finished basement that i am trying to insulate the rim joists. The vast majority will have 2" foam board with great stuff around the edges. A couple spots I will be forced to use fiberglass due to lack of access. In these spots I will just try to great stuff edges and stuff fiberglass in.

Now, as I understand it, some local codes require foamboard to be covered by drywall or thermal barrier. Reason is because of the fumes that would be released if they caught fire. Does fiberglass require the same? What if I don't put up the drywall covering? My thought is that causes 2 risks. 1) the house catches fire, fumes released, we all die. Not good. 2) No fire, but when we sell house in future the buyers inspection shows this as an issue and I prob will be forced to fix then. This is all assuming my local code requires it, which I don't know.

Just trying to gather my options here so curious on other thoughts. The whole process is a pain in the ass due to the finished nature of the basement, hence my dilemma.

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