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Drywall_Dummy 08-10-2005 11:43 AM

Drywall Mudding - Tape Lifting
:confused: HELP!!!!
I started mudding my walls - let them dry overnight and everything looked beautiful! I was VERY proud of myself until I put the second coat of mud on and all the tape started bubbling up on me. I tried to apply another coat of mud to hide the bubbles...but...SURPRISE- the tape bubbled up more! What is going on here, and how can I fix it???? Should I keep applying mud, or should I tear the tape off? If I tear off the tape will my walls turn out uneven due to all the mud I applied already??? HELP!!!

SunNdeLight 09-16-2005 12:40 PM

There are several factors that would cause this. Perhaps the mud isn't drying completely overnight. You should remove the tape, scrape your wall, then sand them down evenly and re-apply the tape and mud. This time, allow the mud to dry at least two days before recoating it and use a thick consistency of mud, not a thin and loose one. Also, make sure you apply plenty of mud to the wall before you apply the tape and squeeze that tape tight into that coat so that no pockets of air remain between the tape and wall. Finally, give the tape a good thick coat of mud over the top right after you apply it. Failing to do these things are all causes for bubbling tape. :D

ProWallGuy 09-22-2005 12:03 AM

The tape wasn't properly bedded in the mud, meaning pockets of air underneath it instead of the void being completely filled with j/c. Cut out the bubbles, and re-mud.

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