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thanks, i am actually not in the biz.

first of all, let me say that i do not have COMPETITORS. competition is a perceived and by no means a real concept in life. if you think you are competing with somebody, that is fixated in your head - quite detrimental for you at most aspects.

i am a DIY-er who likes to do things in an EASY rather than FAST manner. if EFFICIENCY is sacrificed, oh well ... that is my general way how i go about doing things (in life). you call me a SLACKER, i am complimented.

i tend to break a project into as many small, NO-BRAINER steps, each of which can be done with at most 25% of my mental and physical capacity. i do not do more than one thing at a time. i am very COMFORTABLE that way. comfort is my priority.

on the other hand there is a world out there where they force you to do things FAST and to split a process into a few steps, each of which is complex and hard to do, for the sake of so-called efficiency but it is a form of moder-day slavery.

you are the king of your life - so be comfortable at home, in your truck, on vacation, and yes, AT WORK - do things at the easiest way possible (but do them well) ! why the heck are we in a hurry ?


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we agree but in the real world, its different,,, even if you only compete w/yourself, how can 1 if know he's advancing, retreating, or static in life ?

am comfortable but why make MORE work for 1self turning easy tasks into more complex, physical, expensive, & tiring 1s ? ? ?

perhaps we hurry to accomplish more,,, in itself, i can get around that.
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I am wondering if there is some confusion here on what is trying to be accomplished.

Are we trying to install form stakes or posts?

If it is form stakes, then by all means wet the ground and drive in a steel stake with a sledge and be done with it. If it is setting posts and you need a 8 inch diameter hole or larger, get a helper and rent a two man auger and go for it. If there are a lot of roots, etc, then you can use the post supports that are driven with a 60# jack hammer, not the Bosch Rotary Hammer.

If you want to drive a wood stake and just want to soften the dirt, then there are bits available for the Bosch, just don't go over 2 inches, because the tool is not designed to drive that large of a bit through resistive soil. It doesn't have the gearing.
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Amakarevic, I see your still around. It's been several months since you started this thread. How did your job come out?


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