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claxton51 04-05-2011 07:55 PM

Downspouts & Sump Pits
Should Downspouts be tied into the sump pit? I'm not sure if mine are, or if there is a break in my piping. I put a hose down my downspout and water was coming into my sump pit. It seems to me that if the downspouts were tied into my sump pit, that would be too much water from the roof coming into the pit for the pump to keep up. I had a flooded basement and I am trying to troubleshoot as why, house is only 3 years old and high point of propety..... I feel I may have a leaking pipe that the downspouts tie into.... Any suggestions?

stadry 04-06-2011 05:02 AM

no, they shouldn't, so disconnect the downspout & redirect the discharge on TOP of the ground away from the house,,, see what happens then,,, for appearance, you can always dig & install leader drains later,,, just remember wtr runs downhill &, if it pools, it soaks back into the soil,,, you can add some dye to the drain to see IF it shows up in the sump,,, i'd bet it does :yes:

obviously the pump discharge should also drain away from the house

csanberg 04-06-2011 11:40 AM

They shouldn't be, but they could be. I have an older home and 4 of my 6 downspouts drop straight down into drains that lead to my sump pits. This spring, I will be running all of them into underground drainage pits way out in the yard. I mean why would anyone actually run water IN to their basement on purpose just to pump it back out? But it sounds to me like this is what is occurring in your case, if when you tested it with the hose your pits filled up.

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