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imported_jason 04-07-2005 09:13 AM

Dot and dab plasterboard
i have knocked all the old plaster off my landin wall because it was ready for fallin off, a mate told me to dot and dab it with plaster board, the wall that needs to be done is a brick wall it has a window frame and a round electric metal cable pipe running up it, there is no room for batons or i wont be able to get the board behind the window frame or behind the door frames, as anyone got any advice on how to dot and dab? what tools are needed? what adhesive i should use?can i screw the plasterboard to the wall? do i go around the pipe or over it? thanks

Stefan 04-09-2005 07:24 PM

Dot n dab is purchased in sacks (i.e. 25 kg), you mix it like plaster and apply large dabs of it to your pre-cut plaster board. You then stick it to your wall, ensuring it is level. The size of the dabs depends on how far you want to bring the board away from the wall. The gap between the wall and the board should be enough to clear the metal pipe.

You could just plaster the wall. If you want to do this and don't know how, you should pay a pro.

Hope this helps.

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