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Gkalka 03-30-2008 11:48 PM

Hello. Ok i know i am a gal on a mans site.. But well i am having big concerns with the outcome of my waterfront cottage on the creek .. We bought a 900 sq ft creek house and we have vaulted the ceilings and have a full time contractor working on it daily. We have decided to add a shed dormer off the front and the back with the front having a set of french doors installed and several windows .. Were also planning on making this dormer complete with the full bath that would sit just above the main bathroom so plumbing and heating is going to be simple. My question is . Here we go guys.. What are the rules for dormer windows.. Does all windows have to be same size.. Were building a 13 by 21 shed dromer on the front and i belive i was told the dormer off the back will be 10 by 10 .. the front dormer facing the driveway will have french doors and i purchased 8 36 by 48 pella windows from lowes.. I figure its best to buy more then less. Now on my flooring that i have .. I have 2 x 6 joist and 1 inch think plywood that is glued and screwed. Will that be enought to handle the weight of a full bathtub. The home sits on a block basement that is also completely finished.
Any help with dormer rules.. And any photos wouold be great.. Were starting on wedensday ..

LawnGuyLandSparky 03-31-2008 07:24 AM

What do you mean "dormer rules?" If your footing and foundation are capable, just do it, whatever way you like. I wouldn't recommend just buying windows without a final plan though...

As for the ? you asked in the post under another thread - you're putting a bathroom up there... this is going to be habitable space, though most municipalities don't raise property taxes all that much when a home's footprint isn't being changed.

USP45 03-31-2008 09:21 AM

The only "Rules" I can forsee is are the floor joists strong enough to support a full tub plus 300 pounds? Not saying anyone is overweight, but a full tub of water is heavy and if you get 2 people in there at a time the joists may not be able to carry the load. Check with the local building inspector. As far as windows and doors, you can install what you want. There is a code concerning tempered glass if the window sills are at a certain height. I can not remember, maybe someone will chime in with this. The reason for tempered glass for low windows is in case someone falls into it is all.

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