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bassman 01-17-2007 01:20 PM

Door -Storm Door problem
I have a storm door exterior to my exterior door. We're in Wisconsin. Faces south. My exterior door is a door with two rectabular window etchings approx 6" x 36" and moulding around the two glass etchings.

What's happening is that because of the southern exposure, on sunny days the storm door is creating a heat buildup on the main exterior door when the main exterior door is shut.. The result is that the moulding is warping and the glue underneath the window etch moulding is actually liquifying and dripping down the door.

We like to keep the exterior door open on sunny winter days because the sun coming through the storm provides plenty of light and heat into the home, saving heating costs and brightening the front of the house.

Does anyone have a suggestion that would rememdy the exterior door moulding problem? Putting in the storm screen would obviously solve the problem bu would not allow us to keep the exterior door open this time of year.

It's not a problem in the summer because we put the screen in the storm and the summer sun doesn't seem to cause the heat buildup that the sotrm does when the glass is in the storm.

Brik 01-17-2007 02:58 PM

Wow - I have a hard time believing you get enough heat between your storm door and you main door to cause that sealant to melt.

First, out of curiosity, I would try and measure that temperature. Post back.

Second - if it really is temperature causing the issue then you will need to re-glue with something that can take the heat. I think most caulks and so forth will say on the package or on the mfg website. I'm assuming its fiberglass or metal door. If its all wood then a different adhesive.

So - If metal/fiberglass/PVC door then use a silicone caulk/adhesive. Take advantage of the heat buildup to remove what you have, clean up old adhesive thoroughly then apply new.

If its wood - Use TitebondIII wood glue and a few small brads.

bassman 01-17-2007 03:16 PM

Thanks. The sun's pretty low in our upper midwestern sky right now, but I'll try and get a reading on it tomorrow.

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