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Badfish740 04-30-2007 03:54 PM

Donating a home for a training fire?
There's a piece of property not too far from where I'm living in now that has a relatively dilapidated house on it that I'm considering buying. My first thought was to remodel it, but after inspecting it more closely I don't think it's really the best option. However, I had heard from someone that you can donate a structure to the local fire department for a training exercise and be compensated in some form for the assessed value. Afterwards of course you have only rubble to haul away instead of a full scale demolition. I have a friend who is in excavating so we could haul everything away in a triaxle dump in one shot (its a very small home), tear out the old foundation, and have a basement already dug! It sounds like a win-win to me-the local fire department gets valuable training, I get a tax write-off, and I can then afford to construct a new home on the site. Does anyone here have experience with this sort of thing? Who would I contact? The township? The Fire Department?

ImFlippinCrazy 04-30-2007 07:00 PM

Hey Badfish740, every county is differant, I guess.. I had looked into this also, at one point, and there are some restrictions and a bunch of other things, like hazards.. It has to be inspected for lead paint, for one.. Just call the county fire hall and they should be able to tell you exactly want you wnat to know..

Hoped that helped.. If it has lead paint, for get it..

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