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Sansui 11-19-2012 11:04 AM

Does my enclosed sunroom (added on by previous owner) need more support?
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We have a small enclosed sunroom that used to be just an open deck, and the previous enclosed it and added roof/windows etc.

The floor in the sunroom seems to sag a little in the middle, although it could just be from slope of original deck?

Just had new siding done on house and looking at work, and then took a good long look at the support posts for the sunroom and thinking... this doesn't look appropriate.

Have a couple pictures to show what I mean with the support posts as file attachments here.

sunroom_frontcorner.jpg shows the white painted post that seems to be the main support on that corner, although it's possible they also tied that whole thing into the crappy deck added onto the front.

Should I be freaked out? :eek:

joed 11-19-2012 12:25 PM

Looks like a deck was closed in. I doubt very much if that had a permit or would meet code with only the 4x4 post in place.

Sansui 11-19-2012 12:28 PM

Yes, it is a deck that was closed in. I checked online to see if there was a permit and do not see that they had got one.

Is this something I could reinforce myself with some additional posts and bracing or do I need to call a pro?

user1007 11-19-2012 11:43 PM

Lots weird just from the glances I see. You have notched out support members and no hangers far as I can tell. In one case, it looks like that deck support is about to slide off.

And I cannot tell from the pic how those 4x4s, the main idea of your foundation, are supported themselves. Are they set in concrete, on compacted gravel or something? Unless I am seeing camera tricks, those posts do not seem to be square, plumb or in line with each other?

I think you should consult a deck designer, civil engineer or even a struggling architect to help you with this. Contrary to myth, they are not all that expensive and they will be able to assess your situation, design something safe and what you really want. You can, with stamped drawings the city will approve in a heartbeat, decide how best to proceed with either fixing or reconstructing this situation. Only you know your capabilities so can decide how much you can or want to do.

Just looking at it? And brace yourself. I think you may have to tear it apart and start over. If you keep it the same size, you may be able to rescue the upper structure to a point. The foundation is not right though. If you get too many people bouncing on that sagging floor, someone could get hurt. At least the structure is low to the ground. They will not have far to fall. Here, stair landings built like your deck/scdreen porch are the issue and every year one takes out a few people on a fourth or fifth floor as it crumbles.

Sansui 11-20-2012 06:09 AM

The deck, which butts right up against the sunroom, is definitely a mess and we are definitely going to tear it down and put a new one up. I think maybe those deck joists are just notched and nailed.

The deck 4x4's are actually set in concrete it would appear, but the four 4x4's that provide the support for the sunroom along the edge seem to be just be set in the dirt (although I have not dug down to see if they are set in concrete farther down).

We definitely can't afford to take the sunroom down too - so that's not really an option.

The deck has to go and will be torn down within the next year, but I was thinking we could just get a bottle jack, dig some holes and set some concrete piers in there and add some additional support posts for the sunroom?

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