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MLMIB 03-03-2011 06:15 PM

does 4.0-5.0 PH do harm to a foundation?
I'm getting ready to plant some stuff this spring and one of them is blueberry plants, which like the soil acidic. My concern is, does making the soil acidic, 4.2 ish to 5.2ish I believe, will that have a negative impact on the foundation or do any harm to my brick house? I don't think it should be acidic in terms of masonry work, but I would like to double check.


Ron6519 03-03-2011 07:42 PM

I think you can safely plant the blueberries any where you want without damaging anything.

ccarlisle 03-04-2011 06:10 AM

I think you are overstating your ability to acidify soil; pH 4-5 is approximately the pH of pure vinegar, and pH 4 is 10x more acidic that pH 5...a pH reading has to come from a liquid solution and to get a soil at that pH, you'd have to discount the natural ability of the soil to counteract pH shifts and percolate runoff out of harms way. I think that's a tall order for all of the soil around your garden..

If plants require more acidic soil, then acidify the soil around the rootball - not the whole yard. You can do that with a watering can and a bit of vinegar, as what you are trying to do is make the environment of the roots more favorable to nutrient absorption. Years and years of acid rain have caused the pH of the soil to be around 6, and that should be enough to allow some plants to thrive.

Slight pH shifts won't harm concrete or masonry foundations in the short term, but remember we use vinegar to dissolve thinset mortars and concrete does react with acids - but almost imperceptibly.

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