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Lollipop 07-31-2012 02:18 PM

do it yourself and where to buy sunroom supplies

I am new to this forum. I have some questions about sunroom.

I have a deck/porch with roof that is attached to my mobile home. I want to enclose this to make a sunroom. I have looked online at some diy sunroom kits but they seem really expensive. The size of the deck that I want to enclose is 5 ft (side) by 15 ft (front) by 5 ft (side) and the height is 8 ft. I want to make it all glass (tempered) including the kick plates. Can someone tell me whether my husband and I can buy the supplies and do this ourselves? We are on a budget therefore would consider doing this ourselves to save money. Is this possible? I have someone come in to estimate and it will cost around $7000 for material and installation. Of the $7000 quote we got from the contractor, how much do you think is the material cost? Does anyone know? Just trying to see whether we can save money and do it ourselves or not worth the trouble and just let contractor do it. If we were to do it ourselves, where would we buy the materials? Would Home Depot or Lowes have the walls? Windows and doors we already found a place...Any suggestions or inputs would be much appreciated.:help:

GBrackins 07-31-2012 05:56 PM

the first suggestion I would make to you is to check with your local building department and find out if you'd be required to have a permit to perform this work. Also to find out what the building code requirements are if any. You may have certain insulation requirements (even if this is an unheated space) that would help to determine how you'll have to frame this. You may have to prepare drawings to show the work that you are going to perform. Your building official will be your source for one stop shopping for requirements.

Check with your local lumber yard as I'm sure they could help you with materials. I prefer lumber yards over the big box stores, I seem to find the same faces there all the time and always get good service, especially when I'm not happy. You may have a local supplier (yellow pages) of sunroom components. In my area we have Harvey Industries which makes windows, sunroom wall panels and various other building materials, as well as carry other manfuacturers materials.

As far as materials costs that would depend on what they were proposing to build.

Don't know if this will help or not, but at least you're pointed in the direction of the building department. Hate to see you get almost finished and have the building inspector stop by to shut down your project.

Good luck!

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