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Do 6' solid fences bouce back sound well??

My daughter has a house that the side yard is a BUSY 4 lane street with constant hum and traffic sounds. It would require a solid (with NO cracks)fence 6 or (maybe) 8 feet tall the WHOLE length of the lot . Would THIS arrangement bounce back 'some'of the sound and keep house side quieter?? this is going to cost ALOT of money they dont have,,,so want to know IF its the right thing to do,,,before we do it!!

This is NOT an own forever house,they have already moved on and rented out 'this' house till the market improves enough to SELL it,,,wouldnt the fence make it sell better??


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It won't hurt, but probably won't help all that much either.

I live on a very busy street and installed a 6' privacy fence (the tallest allowed by code here). I was unable to notice a perceivable difference in traffic noise after its completion. Thank goodness I didn't install if for noise...My 123 pound labrador was barking at people that walked by and scaring the bejeebers out of them. At least the fence cured that.

If they have old single pane windows, replacement with double glass will do more for sound transmission than a fence would, in my opinion.


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To be honest:

1. Like you said, building a solid fence would be ultra expensive
2. In my experiences, they do help but don't know if at that height it would accomplish much. I work in a development right next to a freeway and the DOT has their big fence there, which again helps, but definately still a freeway there.
3. Heck yes, I think it would definately help sell the house, because not only would it help a little with the sound it would it would be very aesthetically pleasing compared to any road. Also, can't beat the privacy/security gained. I guarantee every prospective buyer will only be thinking about how they are going to have to build some sort of fence and can't stop thinking about the road without it.

Build whatever fence that can be afforded and install some sort of water feature to help with the noise
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A stone wall would work better. On an old TOH episode they did a lowish one. The reasoning was that a majority of the sound noise was from where tires meet the road. It looked like an old farm edge wall like we see a lot of in the NE. Concrete or adobe would work just as well if that's more appropriate for your area.
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The sound travels around corners and over things, so it is not like light that can be be stopped easily.

If you have a two story house a fence will have little effect.

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I believe you will need separate products for privacy and sound.
I would think about a low cost fence for privacy that could be installed by yourself.
For sound, I would install triple pane windows. But thats if I planned to stay there. I think installing a low cost fence should be first and then place it on the market to see what happens. If your daughter gets potential buyers, but they object to the noise, then ask your realtor if they all objected to the noise from inside the house or from outside. If its outside, then you can forget about the windows.
I think most buyers would shy away from house's too close to busy roads and an investment in windows (for sound control) would be taking a risk because like most people, they want to use the yard for relaxing and having parties. The traffic noise will interfere with that.
If she goes ahead and installs triple pane windows, its possible she may not get back her investment. Right now, its a buyers market. So be careful.
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Vegetation is usually better at stopping sound. Large flat surfaces can reflect and transmit sound but don't absorb it. The random surfaces of vegatation absorb sound. Planting a tall hedge will be more aesthetically pleaseing than a fence and will do wonders to stop sound. Bamboo is another good sound barrier, it grows quick (under the right conditions you can actually see it grow) and it fills in well. Another advantage of vegetation, if you are willing to be patient, you can buy smaller (cheaper) and let it grow until it fills in.
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I agree with the vegetation as a better sound insulator. Accoustically, walls cemented in the ground won't significantly reduce the sound. Bushes and trees will absorb sound and solid walls will vibrate.


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