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Sellncars 09-02-2006 06:57 PM

Determining SQ Ft of my home???
What is the proper way to determine what the SQ Ft of my home really is? Would my finished basement count towards it?

joasis 09-03-2006 06:01 AM

Seems to be lots of opinions about what exactly constitutes actual sq/ft. IMO, it is the actual living areas of the home and stated as such, plus garage and basement, unless the basement is an actual living area. For example, 1250 sq/ft + 2 car garage and full basement would mean just what is implied...the basement is not living area. 2500 sq/ft on 2 levels with 2 car garage would imply a finished basement.

I have seen people actually measure each room to determine actual living space, but that is rarely done...

fqp25 09-03-2006 11:33 AM

Usally means the size of the footprint itself, excluding the garage.

For example the footprint is 2500 sq/ft, but it had a second floor, and basement: It would be 2500 Sq/Ft 2 story with basment.

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