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Badfish740 05-03-2010 02:01 PM

Decorative chase for masonry chimney and radon vent?
I have a run-of-the-mill 16" x 16" cinderblock masonry chimney which vents my oil furnace on the side of my house. Running up the side of the house right next to it is a powered radon vent. For those of you not blessed with radon gas in the ground, a radon vent is simply a tube that is plumbed under your basement floor slab, out of the house, and up to the roofline. The tube is PVC pipe and inline there is a small low voltage fan which runs 24/7 to exhaust the radon laden air to the outdoors where it poses no risk. If you've ever seen one on the side of a house you know how ugly they are. The masonry chimney is no looker either-the parge coat is intact, but regardless I want to clean things up a little.

Our house is a ranch with vinyl siding and is fairly contemporary looking. We want to make the house over with a Colonial look by tearing off the vinyl and installing Hardi-Plank siding, wide trim around the windows, window grills, shutters, and a new front door. To complete the look I would like to enclose the masonry chimney and the radon vent in a chase and then finish the chase with cultured stone to give the illusion of an old fieldstone chimney. Construction of the chase would be straightforward enough, but I was wondering if anyone could see any reason that building codes would not allow a radon vent to run through the same chase as a chimney? I'll call my local code official of course, but we share an official with three other towns-needless to say I'll get replies here much faster :thumbsup:
Finally, as I'm sure someone will bring it up I realize that access to the actual fan for the radon system will be needed in case it needs to be replaced, so I plan to install an old iron cleanout door from a wood burning chimney that I salvaged. It will accomplish the job of allowing access without looking strange or out of place.

stadry 05-03-2010 06:51 PM

we made ours of cedar & nailed the chase to the side of the house ( stain'd cedar shakes ),,, we did use cedar boards but always thought it look on the side,,, gas heat - dble-wall insulated s/s pipe on the inside.

you could then staple on wire mesh & ' build ' your stone out of polymer-modified conc mix.

ps - put your fan on a timer fergawdsake ! btw, fan should be in the bsmt !

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