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plschwartz 03-10-2013 10:44 AM

Deck roof support
I have a rather standard deck with 4x4 posts every 4' and 2 2x6 beams with metal ties.
I want to screen it in and cover it with a lightweight corrugated plastic roof.
I would rather not tear up the deck to dig holes for the roof posts.
Will it be proper to put post bases centered over the post on top of the beam and put the roof support posts in the bases?
The deck is about 2' above the ground

Daniel Holzman 03-10-2013 12:08 PM

The word "proper" is not defined in your post.

If you mean "will it meet code", you are going to have to discuss that with your local building inspector.

If you mean "will it hold up my roof", you need to tell us where you live, so we know what loads your roof is going to hold up. Also post a photo of your deck so the geometry is clear.

plschwartz 03-10-2013 09:36 PM

Thanks for your response
I guess you did partially answer my question. I didn't want to go to the Building Inspector with an absolute no no and waste his time. (and look stupid).
I live in the town of East Hampton NY. snow load is 20. The deck is 16'along the house and extends 12' Too wet to see if deck is attached to house but I assume so. Parallel to the house 3' distant is a 2 2x 6 beam supported by 4 x4 posts. the outer two posts are 2' from either edge. The 12' between this pair is a center 4 x4 post.
Seven feet o.c. is a second beam supported in a similar manner. The 2' til end of deck.
The 16' 2 2 x 6 beams seem connected to the posts by pairs of ties similar to strongtie AC.
2x6 joists every 16" and covered by cedar decking 16' 5/4 x 6.
The structure will be free-standing per my wife's wishes :)
I plan to use use polycarbonate panels probably suntuf. The house has a gable roof 4/12 pitch, which I will follow.The house has a 2' eave.
My building plans are simple. A Gable roof supported by the four corner 4x4 posts. I think I put the suntuf roof just over the house roof, so the roof will be ~ 10 1/2 high at the sides.
With 7'oc between the posts and two foot overhang will give the porch full coverage (It will be over the house eave which covers the missing 1 foot). Side overhand also 2'
I overbuilt so 2 2x6 for the beams, 2x6 for the rafters, 2x3 purlins spaced as per need of panel support.
I think the structure will pass the B.I. but I worry about the support for the posts. What is the safest way the bottom of the roof support post to the deck beam centered on the beam support post?


joecaption 03-10-2013 10:54 PM

Sure sounds funky to me.
A deck that size should have had 6 X 6's not 4X 4's I can not imagine any inspector approving a roof system built the way your suggesting.
What would stop the side to side movement and wind lift?

plschwartz 03-11-2013 11:15 AM

well the deck itself was approved by by our BD. Since we get a lot a local McMansions built the BD is known to run a pretty tight ship.
Your opinion on the roof itself is most useful. Thank you.
Both sides of the end of the deck away from the house are quite near mature trees. I am loath to auger 6x6 post holes so near the trees. Which is why I am trying to use the 4x4 posts already in place.

plschwartz 03-11-2013 11:48 AM

What if we hand-dug out the 4x4 posts and replaced them with adequately supported 6x6 posts?
I would still be left with the post-beam-post situation. Can I separate the pair of 2x6 deck beams and bolt them to the outside of a 6x6 running up to the roof?

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