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dougp23 09-15-2012 03:32 PM

Deck rails - can it be easier?
Building my deck rails and I'm about to go loopy, lol!

I bought the top and bottom rails from Lowe's, they are already "indented" to hold a baluster. I thought this would make things easier, but, I can't figure out a way to build these without taking forever....

I do not have an air gun, so just hammer and nails. I do have a screw gun...

So let's say my rail will have 12 balusters. It seems logical that I must attach all twelve balusters to the bottom of the rail. But trying to lay the top on, with 12 balusters swinging every which's not happening! I have tried laying it flat on the ground, building it sort of standing up, etc.

I would appreciate any suggestions!

orange 09-15-2012 03:57 PM

Have you considered a workbench of some sort? We use a couple of saw horses and a piece of plywood to make a "temporary surface", then laid the top and bottom rail on the table. Put a few of 2X to table to get a "stop" to align the rail and get a 90 between rail and baluster. Cut the balisters correct length; take 2 - 2x pieces cut to make spacers between balusters; align first baluster and fix it(nails/screws); then use the space to align next baluster; repeat as necessary.

Where I am the spacing on balusters had to be less than 4".

dougp23 09-15-2012 06:30 PM

I like the concept Orange! That could def make my life a little easier!
The railings are sort of "pre-configured", so the balusters will only fit in those already carved out holes. So that makes it a little more difficult, since some balusters try to stay outside the hole, making the ones in the holes really loose, so then they fall's fun. NOT!

But I think I can do something like what you are saying that would speed things up. Thanks.

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