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oregonhomeowner 09-10-2013 09:37 PM

deck questions
When the builder built the deck at the time of home construction, they built the deck (second floor) first, then poured the concrete patio around the footings. So, now I have 3 posts sticking out of my patio. Secondly the outer edge of the deck is about 2 inches lower than where it attaches at the Headerboard, and thus the deck slopes downward away from the house.
The posts are 4x4's and have a crossbeam which the deck sits upon. One side of the deck comes out from the house, then angled 1 foot inward and then outward again...there was some sort of coding requirement that stipulated if the deck extends more than 5 ft from the house, then it has to be - 1 ft in from the side of the house at the 5 ft mark (imagine a "z"). This made the deck railing unsafe and it pulled apart and made the railing system unstable and leaning outward, pulled apart the hand rails, etc. I need to find a way to solve this problem also.

My goal is to replace the deck and have a roof over it.

Do I need to cut the footings square to the patio and then Place a new post over it?
Do I need to break through the concrete patio and dig out the old footings and start all over, then repour the patio where I made the mess.. but then it would have the correct footings at least.... much harder option I think.
Easiest... Can I simply cut the posts square at the top of the footing and put a 6x6 post over the old footing - the bottom part of the old 4x4 post would still be in the center of the footing and the metal post support would then be drilled into the wood rather than into the concrete... otherwise I'd have to dig out the whole footing and start over.

When I put the new posts in, do I put up posts that will be as tall as where the roof will sit on the roof cross beam, or do I build the deck and then put fix another post on top of it that will hold up the roof?

joecaption 09-10-2013 09:43 PM

#1 no second story deck should have been built with just 4 X 4's. It should have been at least 6 X 6's.
#2 Your going to have to post some pictures, your description and ideas on how to fix this made little since to me.

oregonhomeowner 09-10-2013 09:47 PM

what the builder did...
what the builder did, to tell you the truth is what made little sense. I will get some pics posted and you will then have the "ahhh, I get it" moment.

joecaption 09-10-2013 10:25 PM

Lots of us here do this stuff for a living and see this goofy stuff everyday.
Guess that's why I'm bald on the back of my head from scratching it all day asking WTH were they thinking doing it that way.
A house I'm working on now had all the drains under the sink wired up so that would not pull apart. Come to find out they had put all the tapered washers in up side down.
The porches have all but collapsed from all the termite and powder post beetles damage.
Someone had removed all the supports holding it up to run a drain line and never put them back in place.
Whole sections of 6 X 6's are gone from rot.
The lady that owns the place thinks I can reuse the T & G flooring I had to take out to fix it. The boards are eaten up on the bottom side and the last 6" does not exist anymore from all the damage.

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