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ryanb4614 07-05-2012 05:54 AM

Deck and Pergula Support
I have began to take off my covered back patio. This was a poor construction job done by the previous home owner. They anchored the 4x4 post directly to the brick of the house and have the other 4x4 just sitting on top of the patio concrete. It was then supported by multiple 2x4. It was a hazard.

The patio concrete is busted all over and is very uneven. I live in a ranch style home. My goal is to completely remove the roof and post (Any how I can remove the post from the brick, not sure what they are called but looks like they hammered the threaded part into the brick and then the nut and washer was tightened from the outside.) How will I remove these and cover up the holes?

Then I am going to rent a jack hammer to remove the concrete slab. 8'x30.'

there is a 50 ft spruce right in front of the concrete slab, the roots on this thing are all over my yard. I plan on digging and remove alot of these roots. I have estimated for this tree to be removed but everyone want over $1000 because they have to climb it. So it is going to stay for now. I can't put the deck over the concrete slab because the door wont clear it.

I plan on using decking blocks and sonotubes for the pergula post. A few questions I have is. When using decking blocks I would thing it would be better to place them on a hard surface rock or a layer of concrete? What is recommended, Or are they okay to place directly onto the earth. What is recommened to attach the post to the sonotubes. I have seen where they either place a post in the concrete but then what if it needs to be removed? I have also seen where the concrete is poured in the tube and then the bracket is fastened to the concrete and then the post?

Also since this will be a floating/free standing deck what is the best way to have proper drainage under the deck so water goes away from the house.

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