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4just1don 08-10-2009 09:45 PM

Cutting stair stringers for OLD basement steps
old steps have been crooked and broke for 30+ years,,recently became alot worse. Needless to say they are steeper than a modern step and uneven side to side.

think total length of them is like 6 and a half foot. they butt up to a landing on back door area, turn and a couple more up to main floor ,

the landing is loose also as it moves up and down at will. (Do I have to be sure and 'level' this landing so step rise will be consistent??) cant be attached to adjacent block wall since that is old also. underneath this whole thing is dirt, smelly and musty. at the top(under the landing) the footing for the exterior block is exposed and shallow also.

would wood steps be best,so can adjust as best I can or pour concrete steps(which would be difficult at best)

there WAS a little make up step at the bottom that isnt a good idea. NO chance of changing the head room and going longer,,,its underneath the bathtub!!AND there is a ledge wall straight ahead

AND the bottom end of stringers are /were setting on dirt,old and non treated wood,,,maybe they were redwood at best of old day(At least 80 years old)!!

Just Bill 08-11-2009 06:21 AM

sounds like everything needs to be removed and scrapped. For new, anything that touches concrete or dirt should be PT, or make it all PT. Measuring/cutting stringers is critical, each step needs to be exactly the same. The rise/run should be about 18", with a rise of about 7" being comfortable for most people. Max for risers with IRC is 7 3/4, min tread is 10". For an 8' total rise, w/13 steps that comes to each riser being 7.38". You have to allow for the bottom starting rise and the top finishing rise. Pick up a book from a big box store that details stair layouts. Not really enough room here.

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