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hi09 04-25-2010 01:21 AM

cutting paver stone
Hey guys i am going to be making a small patio with paver stone.
its my first time and i want to make curved borders so will need to cutt the paver bricks

i went to the local tool rental, and a wet saw with diamond blade is going to run me 90 bucks for 4 hours, which is nutts

i was wondering, do i have any alternatives?
Can i get a blade for my 12" mitre saw and use that? do paver stones have to be cut wet?

i have seen the brick breakers but seems they just dont give nice clean cuts...

any suggestion will be much appreciated.

racebum 04-25-2010 01:42 AM

you could use a mason blade on the chop saw, another thought is a tile table saw. you can get something worth taking home just over 100 bucks and it allows you to freehand the shape cut you want. also will be useful in the future since we all seem to have projects come up over the years

is one idea, the little 4" guys for $70 will work on brick but you'll probably burn it out after a day or two of work. the motors in the little guys really struggle with bricks

stadry 04-25-2010 06:24 AM

that's because there's no 'grain' to brick, genius :laughing: trying to achieve pro results using amateur tools tells me all i need to know,,, quit being a cheapskate - get the right tools & do it right OR hire it out,,, if you don't, the satisfaction of saving $$$ will be erased permanently by having to look at shoddy results in yrs to come.

its YOUR home, fergawdsake,,, unless you've got a bus in the front yard w/18wheeler tires for planters, don't you want the place to look good :whistling2:

ps - when our demo saw's busy & we need another, we pay about that rate, too - full day's $125 INCLUDING blade wear & we cut dry !

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