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4just1don 09-27-2008 05:14 PM

Cutting off 3" of laminate counter top in place
I find I have a house with TOO small of frig opening and newer cabinets installed in the 70's The LAST 3" of cabinets UNDER countertop is a filler board. SO,,,,,, thought cutting that 3 inches off and using THAT filler board to move top cabinets over 3 inches toward window would give me a 36 " hole. (ALSO going to move uppers 'up' 2 inches for taller friges these days)
Asked at Menards and they never heard of an electric flush cut saw,,do they make those?? Okay I will defer to YOU 'experts',,,what is the best and most efficient tool to cut this laminate counter with back splash attached off in place?? Straightest?? Least chips?? MOST professional looking??? Something I can reach back corner with??

Which tool would cause LEAST chipping?? circle saw? jigsaw? sawsall? Other?

Any other tips I forgot?? Thanks in advance!!! :whistling2: -d-

buletbob 09-27-2008 07:14 PM

a small router riding along side a straight edge would be your best bet I feel but it could also be done with a jigsaw & circular saw buy clamping a piece of pine over the area your going to be cutting, install a wood guide on the pine and then align with your cut, this will prevent chipping but will need some finishing against the back splash. then cleaned up with a belt sander. Then best way is to remove the top and cut it with a circular saw from the bottom and then the back. BOB

RemodelMan 09-27-2008 07:37 PM

I agree with Buletbob. Use a straight edge. Clamp it to the front of the counter and apply double stick tape or hot glue under the rest. Use a carbide tipped scoring hand tool, available in tile department/store. Score the edge enough to cut into the dark substrate. Be sure to allow about 1/4" overhang to be sure not to expose cabinet below, as your cabinet might not be 90 degrees to the counter top.
Since you have scored the top you can use a jig/saber saw with a new wide blade and follow your line. When you get to the backsplash, hot glue a small piece of wood to the splash and repeat thecarbide cut up and over the top. Then use a reciprocating saw aka "sawzall" with a new wide blade and follow the line. No matter what you use, you'll need to clean up the edge with either a belt sander or a power sander with 80 grit paper. At this point you can file the edges and either glue another strip to the edge or paint it.

Wildie 09-27-2008 09:33 PM

I just did this very thing on a recent kitchen reno.
I have a fine toothed handsaw (approx. 16 teeth/inch) and sawed it by hand.
I placed masking tape where the cut was to be made and penciled a line on the tape to follow with the saw.
It may take some time, but with care, a neat job may be acheived.

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