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upinsmoke 03-07-2010 04:28 AM

Cutting a hole in concrete wall
Hi, starting a basement project (isn't everyone) and need to cut a hole - preferably round - in the poured walls for a gas heating stove vent to the outside. The walls are 9 feet, the house is 25 x 40 and 1 1/2 stories and it's in western North Carolina. I have several questions:

My walls are close to perfect - dry and mostly, crack free - am I likely to cause myself misery by cutting into the concrete?

If no - how do you go about doing it? Is there a saw that bores concrete and rebar?

Is rebar located the same place in all walls - like by code or general practice?

How close to the top of the wall can I safely go?


GardenConcepts 03-07-2010 06:27 AM

You'll probably want to hire a contractor to do this with a core bit drill. It is like a hole saw, but diamond-tipped. There are contractors who specialize in just cutting- asphalt and concrete.

If you diy, you'll need to find a rental yard that specializes in industrial equipment and they will charge you for the wear on the core drill bit. For one hole, you'll probably be better off hiring someone.

Just Bill 03-07-2010 06:43 AM

What he said, or consider going thru the rim joist. That requires some fire shielding, but is a lot easier.

tpolk 03-07-2010 06:58 AM

lottsa rebar in the wall. can you elbow line like suggested?

upinsmoke 03-07-2010 09:20 AM

Thanks for the comments. Nice to know when to call in a pro. The house is in a very small town so my choices of professionals may be limited. I also have one stud width of framed wall (where the slider is) that is a possibility. However, in talking with the stove people - the proximity of the vent to the edge of the glass may be too close for the manufacturer's recommended clearances. I'll check that before boring. Thanks again

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