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Custom fence help.. STRENGTH AND STABILITY

I need your input on on a fence section I'm building thats not quite standard or up to code. Now before we start It's a 12' length between two treated 4x6x10s sticking 7 feel out of the ground and 3' down with 3 bags of cement in each hole. The reason it's 12' in length is because down the road the fence will be something else and I can't screw up the ground in the middle section of the fence to sink another post and make an 8' and a 4' section....

ALSO. I need it to be 7' high.. Code in my area is 6' high but not one single person along my alley follows the rules.. It doesnt particularly matter but home depot and every other lumber yard around likes to follow the rules...

Anyways here is what I'm thinking and tell me if I'm close, off, way off, or in another solar system. (All of this needs to keep $$$ in mind or I wouldn't be writing you now). The non average length is 12 ft. If I run Three OR MAYBE EVEN FOUR for overkill 2x6x12Ts across and use 5/4x6x8' deck boards (trimmed down to 7') all the way across, would I be fine? Keep in mind Im using 4x6s as posts...

I've heard of people using deck boards for slats before and they've actually turned out nicer than you'd think with the nice round edges. They are about half the price of the 1x6x8T boards and I need about 30 give or take a few.

Im in grad. school and remodeling a 130 year old home.. Thats why I need the keep the $$ factor in mind.


Thank you very much.

God bless america and god bless this forum as I've just started but you guys have helped me with exponentially with several things so far that have turned out great..

PS. Sorry for putting this thread in this section but the landscaping section just looked too grassy and flowery...


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If you're looking for strength and stability, I don't see your approach working. Why not break it up in the middle by adding a 4x4 post without concrete and dig it out later? Then you'd be fine with using three 2x4 horizontal ties, instead of 4 2x6's.


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What is this something else down the road and why not do that something else now?
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12' with your framing scheme and decking idea is a lot weight even before you also factor direct and sheer wind load on two posts only 36" in the ground! That's 84sf of sail effect even if it weighed near nothing! 4" thick fence boards seems extreme to me no matter the span. You plan to nail 4x6 x 2x12 material with nothing in the middle. Don't see this ending well. Did I read wrong? Never mind, you did say 5/4 decking but still isn't going to work nailed to unsupported 2x12.

I too would think about splitting the distance with a non-permanent post. Anchor it in some gravel or something. It would help if we knew what you were up to down the road and when? I too ask, other than budget, why not get on with it now?

And do be careful. Non-code-compliant building has a way of coming back and biting you in the you know what when you are least able to deal with it. It does not matter that everybody else is doing it. How many times did we try that argument in junior high and high school? Irrelevant if you end up the one busted dead to rights!

What are you trying to accomplish with the fence, by the way? Does it have to be wood if it is temporary? Would cyclone and stained wood slats work for a temporary situation? Or are you corralling cattle or something?

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